Sunday, 16 November 2014

The bottom of the Grand Canyon

We headed through the depths of Utah ready for the main event of the holiday - the Grand Canyon. 
Having visited the North Rim and enjoyed its low key feel we headed to the South Rim and were quickly surrounded by coaches, Contiki tours and tour guides. 

We stocked up on rehydration sachets, fluorescent coloured energy drinks and calorific peanut bars and went to bed as early as we could. 

At 4am the next day our adventure began. We caught the bus to the sdf trail and waved goodbye to Dad who sadly wasn't able to join us for the next bit. And so began a 5 hour trek down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. The effect of the sunrise on the Canyon was incredible and the views down were spectacular (if you're able to take a look in between watching your footing on the steep trail. 

After 5 hours in the baking sun we finally caught our first glimpse of the Colorado River. And depsite the now agonisign pain of my knees caused by evil switchbacks we crossed the bridge and made it to camp!

We had made it! We were now part of only 1% of all tourists who visit the Grand Canyon to make it down to the bottom. It was real hot down there. You could feel the heat coming of the well baked rocks. Luckily we headed to the creek to while away the afternoon and rest our poor feet.

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