Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Bryce Canyon

Next up was Bryce Canyon. In the middle of absolute NOWHERE (very hard for a city girl to get to grips with) we headed to one of the few creaky motels in the area. A quick drive into the park and we headed to Sunset Point. The strange formations (which I think look like a strange ancient city built into the rock) was formed by melting ice refreezing into gaps in the rock. As the ice expanded it eroded the rock into the monoliths or 'hoodoo's we see today. We headed to Bryce Canyon Pines restaurant for dinner which in fairness for it being in the middle of nowhere do absolutely amazing steaks. Also all their homemade pies are amazing deserts.

The next day we opted out of the walking and opted in for the horse riding. Yay! (half sarcastically but I was actually quite excited). I finally got to ride Western saddle and proceeded to be led down and through the canyon by a cowboy named Mark. Mark the Mormon made for some interesting conversation. Trying to take in the amazing scenery and not forgot I was on a temperamental horse I gave up answering his question of "Out of William or Harry who would make the best President for your country".."Prime…never doesn't work like that.…William" I replied.

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