Thursday, 31 July 2014

Yosemite National Park

I've gone and started a travel blog (original, I know). A mere 2 months after I got back from holiday and I have finally got round to writing about it. . . . .  

Having flown into San Francisco it was a fleeting visit before we hit the road. Driving 4/5 hours became common practise on this trip so iPods, cheeto eating, inane conversations and family arguments were aplenty during the trip. 
We finally arrived at Yosemite National Park. The views, even before you enter the park, are immense and breathtaking (a word used to describe most of this trip). The first night we were there we stayed in the Park in Curry Camp. Our British ways generally struggled with the overly friendly, happy clappy way of camp life. You might have seen a disgruntled family sitting in the corner of the main eating areas going 'this is all a bit friendly' or ' there's really no need to make eye contact with me, my eyes might soon explode.' 
Our little tents were more than adequate as time spent there is limited - it's all about the great outdoors! I highly recommend hiring bikes and cycling along the various trails. As with all sight seeing, if you do it by bike you will see a lot more than you can on foot. And plus the one gear bikes were a learning curve for us all. 
The next day we woke early, and fuelled by indescribable 'porridge' from the camp canteen set off on the first of many walk of the trip. First stop was Vernal Falls, a 3.9km round trip. Relatively shaded through the forest you will certainly cool off when you reach the spray of the Falls. Follow the aptly named Mist Trail and continue up another 2000ft for even better/higher views of the park as you reach Nevada Falls (8.7km round trip). Walk down the John Muir trail as is not as steep and also shaded. Genuinely surprised that I hadn't died of a heart attack mid hike we headed to our motel just outside the park for some r & r. 

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  1. oh my goodness this looks amazing! Great photos xx